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Going In
  By: J.A. Howe 1
Break the Bounds of reality to discover what is possible.
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The Fringe
  By: Joel 'Cop' Furches 2
On the surface of a barren moon is the best place to test your metal and lose your humanity.
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Free-Will Riders
  By: Joel 'Cop' Furches 3
If you found the truth, would it be enough or does it have to be the truth you want to be true?
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  By: Admiral Coeyman 4
Mythos Series: story 1.
Strength is tested by how well you take the hard stance and stand your ground alone. Is this a test that you would pass?
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Configuration (Gestalt Love)
  By: Deirdre Verdolino 5
Conflict is only a substitute for life when you know nothing else.
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The Lies that Bind
  By: Admiral Coeyman 6
If you came into touch with the smallest thing that could disrupt your world, would it change you? The Lies that Bind us are the mask on the truth we share.
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Marx on the Moon
  By: J. A. Howe 7
A simple game can be a monumental event for an entire culture.
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A Short Little Eternity
  By: Admiral Coeyman 8
Falling Stars: Story 1
The length of any amount of time is related more to what happens in its duration than its actual duration.
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First of the New Lords
  By: Admiral Coeyman 9
Falling Stars: Story 2
At what cost does fate shape our lives in contrast to the things that we most want?
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A Midstellar Dream
  By: Joel 'Cop' Furches 10
There are more things in Heaven and Earth then are dreamed in the minds of mortal men. How many are alive and what are the rest?
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Wake of Survival
  By: Joel 'Cop' Furches 11
Futility is the untimate lesson of any war and this is no exception.
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Quantum Bullet
  By: Joel 'Cop' Furches 12
How much can proof prove in a quantum world and how badly do you want to know?
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  By: Joel 'Cop' Furches 13
No man is a rock, no cyborg is an island.
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Serial Ablation
  By: Admiral Coeyman 14
Continuation from "A Shadow's Tale."
Is life after death a life that you can live with and is it worth the effort?
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Eternally Bound
  By: Admiral Coeyman 15
A kiss that is anything but a kiss tells all.
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Quantum Muse
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