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A Path for your mind to Wander

August 5777

Imagine that, on a Saturday evening, alien ships start orbiting the Earth just past the satellites. Some people deny that the extraterrestrials were here, but the ships could be seen with telescopes and decent binoculars. The ships do not respond to any signal from the Earth, nor do they send any signals. They merely surround the Earth, silently.

On Sunday morning, church attendance is up. Some people believe that it is a frightened population turning to God for protection. As the sun sets, at whatever local time the sun sets, the ships move off into space and are soon out of sight. Some people see this as an act of God where prayer stopped an invasion. The truth is that the aliens came to earth and attended church services. They are honest and told the few people that thought to ask when they were visiting.

What effect does this have on the world? Some people will see this as proof that aliens consider a world with churches to primitive to contact. Others see the churches of Earth lacking something that the aliens were seeking. We so often think of aliens coming to Earth and providing answers that we never consider that they might come seeking answers.

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Hebrew Year: 5777