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Submission Guidelines.


The goals for Pariah are: to be a published magazine, to have paying subscribers to the e-zine and to publish some of the stories within it in book form.  Pariah strives to be more multimedia by including fantasy art as well as comic strips to compliment the editorials, serials and short stories. To accomplish this the standards are being raised.  Thank you for your willingness to submit and for sharing your imagination with the public.

We cannot currently publish books, although we can serialize novels online. Please keep in mind that all the parts of any book submitted must be available to the reader at the same time, so space limitations on this publications will effect the number of novels we can serialize at one time and the number of parts a novel can be serialized into.

Please do not send us chapters out of order which cannot stand on their own. We do not mind being a showcase for new authors, however, we have an image to maintain in order to keep our readership. Nobody working on Pariah Online Magazine is making anything on this project so it would be unfair to expect us to polish your manuscript for you. If you are looking into publishers, editors or agents, be sure to check out Preditors & Editors to protect your interests.

If you wish to acquire rights for these stories, storylines or characters, you must directly contact the authors. Pariah Online Magazine's editorial staff will do everything within reason to aid in reaching the authors whose work we publish, however, we have our limits for older material. Prevalence on the Internet of the scam known as 'email marketing,' viral infections and just changes in Internet accounts will result in the abandonment of old email accounts for some of our writers.

    Submission Guidelines:

  1. ) Editorial Policy: Authors and Artists wishing to submit an image, series idea, strip, story or editorial to Pariah must have their material sent in by the 20th of each month.  This allows time for the editor to review and respond to the author in the event that there are questions on punctuation, spelling or any other matter pertaining to the work submitted.  In the event that material is received after the deadline it will be held over and considered for the following months addition.

  2. ) Works submitted must be original works of the author. We cannot accept Fan-Fiction, although we can help you find a place to publish your Fan-Fiction.

  3. ) All rights to the work submitted to Pariah belong exclusively to the author or artist. You are free to seek publication elsewhere, and may request that your work be pulled from Pariah at any time.

  4. ) Pariah publishes a wide variety of genres, and all works will be considered for publication. If they do not seem to fit our categories of publication, they will be submitted, with the author's permission, to Frantically Furtive Minds, which will then find a place for them.

  5. ) Serials are welcome on Pariah. Our only request is that you update your serials fairly regularly. If a serial sits for over three months without an update, it will be pulled until the author can begin submitting again.

  6. ) Pariah likes to display works that are appropriate for all audiences. We would like the stories we publish to be no more than a PG-13 rating. For this reason, we ask that descriptive violence, sexually explicit material, and strong language be kept at a minimum. If we are uncomfortable with something you have submitted for one of these reasons, we will give you the opportunity to edit it to be more acceptable and re-submit.

  7. ) Please have spelling and grammar corrected before submission. Our editing staff is mainly concerned with the quality of the story line, and, while we will correct the occasional spelling or grammatical error if we catch it, we do not always have the time or ability to catch all mistakes. Our writing style is standard.

  8. ) Submit all works to Our Editors [submission@dotguy.net] as an attachment in MS Word, html, wordperfect, staroffice or plain text format. Include in the E-mail the name you wish the story to be attributed (your name or your pen name), and the E-mail address you would like personal comments to be sent to.

  9. ) Filters recently installed to keep the amount of email noise on our accounts to a minimum will reject all email that is sent in the html only format. It is best if you send only text based email to our editors here. Html allows for illegitimate users of the Internet electronic mail system to slip invisible marks into words that many spam filters use, thus preventing the spam filters from seeing those keywords. Email Marketers know that nobody actually wants to see the junk they send out and put a great deal of work into getting around all protective measures in place on the internet at this time.

  10. ) We are always looking for artwork for our issue covers, especially on the Fantasy page. Submit all original art to Joel "Cop" Furches (cop@dotguy.net)

  11. ) I am trying to get the magazine online on the second of each month, regularly, although these servers and my personal connection are under constant attack. Securing the systems, in addition to the paying work that each of us does, is interfering with our ability to both write and publish regularly. I'm doing everything in my power. Please forgive my lapses.

Send your manuscript as a simple attachment to the e-mail for us to examine. Audio files can be submitted in realmedia, ogg or wav format, however, the submitting author must own the copyright on all the audio components contained in the audio file. Please do not submit a reading of your story with background music owned by somebody else.

CopyRight Information

(C)2018 All Rights Reserved

This is Who We Are

Pariah is a web based magazine crafted with an eye on the style of science fiction and fantasy which was popular before either editor was born. Modern fiction tends to rely on special effects to overcome the lack of a real storyline. There is also a trend toward soft sci-fi which blocks out even some of the best hard sci-fi. We do not aim for Nostalgia fiction. Our aim is for sci-fi and fantasy from a time when science could actually do anything.

The only bad politics is the belief that there is Correct Politics so we're not into fiction as an attack on question, however, we aim for fiction which is a question. We are the dreamers from whom tomorrow draws life. Ask us only the hard questions, the ones which mean something in the end, and never forget that you're here to tell a good story.

Comments posted on any of the story comment pages will be examined periodically by the editors. Inappropriate posts will be removed. This feature is meant to facilitate communication with authors and their readers and not for verbal warfare.

Our web host CornerNET Internet gateway requests that we keep our rating no higher than R. Although there is no official anti-obscenity stance, we, both with Pariah Online Magazine and with CornerNET Internet Gateway, do not wish to host any. This is "A Path for your Mind to Wander" and we'd like to live up to our slogan. Stimulate minds, not civil discourse.

Pariah Online Magazine would sooner create a new section on one of the two magazines Cop and I keep going than turn away a good story. This is not a place to preach for or against the party line. Real people, who do most of the work of keeping this planet running, come by here to relax after doing real work. Being maligned by the counter-culture or incited to riot by radicals of all persuasions is not part of this goal.

The various sections are:

  1. Pariah Online, for all sci-fi/fantasy stories, and science/tech articles

  2. Wyrde Comics, for all cartoon submissions

  3. Exploring Life's Mysteries with Girdy ("Mysteries" for short), for all essay/humorous commentary selections

  4. Poems, for all poetry

  5. Gallery for all art work.

  6. Mention that it is an article review, and we will include your review with that article

If you wish to be linked, we will do so, the stipulation being that you link us in return. If there are any sections you would like to see, tell us, and we will see if we can make it. If you have a work to submit that does not fit into the classifications above, send it, and we will see if we can find a spot for it.

You retain all rights to your works, and are free to seek publication elsewhere. Both Pariah and FFM are concerned with showing your works and allowing others to critic them. Pariah has a system for allowing comments to stories from casual browsers.

You may submit any work to any member of the Pariah or FFM staff, but it is recommended that:

  1. All works for Pariah Online be submitted to Admiral Coeyman

  2. All works for Wyrde Comics be submitted to Joel "Cop" Furches

  3. All works for Mysteries be submitted to Joel "Cop" Furches

  4. All poems be submitted to Joel "Cop" Furches

  5. All link proposals be submitted to Ian "John Dunbar" Boggs.

  6. All art work be submitted to Ian "John Dunbar" Boggs.


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